Briar Patch War
Date: 2155 - 2155
Location: Briar Patch
United Earth Fire Nation
Captain Jonathan Archer Crown Princess
one starship,approx. 174 United Earth Starfleet personnel, sixty MACOs hundreds of ships and hundreds of thousands of soldiers
one (disputed) Eight Fire Nation Air Force Vessels
seven MIA thousands of Fire Nation soldiers

The Briar Patch War was a brief, but violent, war between United Earth forces under Captain Jonathan Archer and Fire Nation forces under Crown Princess Azula in 2155. The war was started when a Romulan Bird-of-Prey shot down the Columbia (NX-02) over a newly discovered world in the Briar Patch. The Enterprise (NX-01) arrived to investigate and was pulled into the century long war among the humans on the planet, when Starfleet personnel recovering Columbia's wreckage were attacked by Azula's forces. (Star Trek: Into the Inferno)

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