Admiral Brendan Dillon was a senior Starfleet officer in the 24th Century. He was a flag officer based out of Starbase 42.

In 2377, he attended a conference aboard Deep Space 9 featuring a debriefing from Captain Patrick Ingrum regarding the augment Khan. When Patrick suggested Dr. Alan Murrow could be a potential informant, Admrial Dillon asked questions about Dr. Murrow's augments and, in particular, Patrick's personal insights about his wife, Bridget. (USS Baldwin: "Frontiers")

After a dilithium failure aboard Baldwin, compounded by a computer failure, Admiral Dillon orders a complete internal upgrade, including upgrading the Astrometrics lab to Bio-neural circuitry. (USS Baldwin: "Escape")


The character is named after the leader of the RPG in which the USS Baldwin author participated in briefly.

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