Bouteina Majd was a character in a Klingon holodeck program, Tuition Crisis.

In 2401, while Mrazek and his lackeys captured an orbital communications relay in orbit above Du'Qot, a frontier world of the Klingon Empire, they found an holographic program where the 2012 Quebec tuition crisis was used as the setting, of which Bouteina was a then-holographic character that went to the picket lines, but not without asking for assistance from Yvan Ung (real world). (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Rode the 300")


As of Days of Wine and D'ohses, she became the photomanipulation actress associated to the Mark VI EMH used by Pazzo onboard the RIS Bouteina.


She was the namesake of RIS Bouteina and its associated ship, the RIS Bouteina. Also, she did study actuarial science at the University of Montreal for a time.

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