Borne was a Starfleet officer who served the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, as well as a special Section 31 controlled segment within the Corps of Engineers that studied and developed unusual technologies, including the Whale probe transwarp technology that eventually led to the USS Phoenix-X. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2363, Borne began working out of a secret undergorund room on Earth. ("Transphasic Meltdown")

In 2370, he was part of the team that brought the Phoenix-X's transwarp drive from Earth to Teketekon Station. He worked out of Teketekon Station with the Obsidian Order, building the Phoenix-X. There, he met Kod, a Pakled engineer who became responsible for altering the ship's registry. When the relationship with the Cardassians began to break down, he planned to hide the Phoenix-X at the Pakled homeworld until it was ready for launch. ("Secret Occurrences", "The Recruited")

In 2382, while back in the secret room on Earth, Borne admitted to secretly working against Section 31's efforts, despite his group receiving direction from them as a norm. ("Spider Agencies, Part I")

In the following year, Starfleet Security attempted to crack down on Section 31 by arresting Borne's special segment within the Corps of Engineers. Borne escaped with Monique, with Armond's help. They took the Turismo starship Nirovoule to Teketekon Station, where Borne, and the Obsidian Order officers there, were eventually caught by the USS Cedar. Borne, along with those caught, was tried and sent to Rura Penthe. ("Transphasic Meltdown")

In 2384, Borne, his memory of working with Section 31 erased, was off Rura Penthe and working in the Corps of Engineers aboard an orbital device over Paragaan II. The device was designed to fix the tetrazine in the planet's atmosphere, but before the project could be complete, Section 31 agent Vik abducted the crew and posted them aboard the Phoenix-X where they were directed to fix the ship's ultra-transwarp capabilities. With the function enabled, the Phoenix-X was able to plan an exploration mission to the Andromeda Galaxy. ("Forbidden Crossing, Part II")

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