The Borg tactical sphere was a vessel of the Borg Collective. Just as its less combat-capable sibling, the Borg sphere, its diameter was 600 meters and it could carry 11,000 drones. The Tactical Sphere was a more powerful and more heavily armored version of the standard Borg Sphere. (TNG video game: Starfleet Command III)

The Borg Collective used tactical spheres to conduct first contacts with races suspected of posing a threat to the Collective, but could not pose a threat sufficient to warrant the use of a Borg cube.

The first recorded use of Tactical Spheres in combat in either the Alpha Quadrant or Beta Quadrants was made during the Battle of Krypton in 2385. The Lyran Star Empire made a massive use of expanding sphere generators when a fleet led by Senior commodore Pfrizzek engaged a Borg tactical sphere, called Sphere 911, during the Battle of Krypton. Before the ship could adapt to the ESGs, it would have taken a substantial amount of damage. A volley of phased plasma torpedoes finally destroyed the abomination. (RIS Bouteina: "Sphere of Influence")

In SFC3, the Borg tactical sphere is referred to as Sphere Prime. Also, the game classified tactical spheres as the dreadnoughts of the Borg armada.

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