A Borg pyramid was a type of Borg vessel used during the 23rd and 24th centuries. Little is known about them; however they are roughly as powerful as a Borg cube. The only documented encounter with one of these vessels was in 2269 when one of the ships attacked a Federation colony on Primus IV and subsequently attacked the USS Enterprise. The ship vanished after intervention from Onabi. (Star Trek: Phase II: "Come What May")


  • Borg colony vessels

At some point during the 24th century, a type of Borg pyramid came into use that was able to assimilate entire planets into the Borg Collective, due to the use of an energy beam that transported nanoprobes directly into the atmosphere. These vessels were lightly armed and often escorted by Borg cubes.

  • Borg scout vessels

A smaller version of the pyramid was often used as a scout ship which was lightly armed and crewed. These pyramids were generally considered frigates of the Borg armada.

It is possible that the Borg pyramid was the preferred choice of vessel for the Borg Collective since Starfleet had never encountered a Borg cube previously. Why these ships are no longer encountered is unclear.

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