Boraj was a Cardassian Gul part of the True Way, also serving as the commander of a True Way base in the Badlands. (Star Trek: Constance: "The True Way")

Cardassian MilitaryEdit

Boraj was originally a Cardassian military commander, entering the military early, he became notorious for his reputation as a powerful warrior in the Dominion War. At the conclusion of the Dominion War, he was infuriated with the choice by the Cardassians to move to a Democratic system, making him an easy target for the True Way.

The True WayEdit

In the True Way, Boraj's militaristic attitude served him well, he would gain favor with Gul Madred, the leader of the True Way. Though after a botched assassination attempt, he was put in charge of the defenses of the True Way base in the Badlands, and charged with keeping the Maquis prisoners.

Encounter with the ConstanceEdit

In 2409, the USS Constance entered the Badlands as part of an investigation into True Way activity. After a confrontation with the Constance, Boraj put the base on red alert, barely escaping the destruction of his ship. He was captured by the Constance's away team tried for his crimes.

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