The USS Baldwin investigates the cause of a the subspace disturbance. Meanwhile, Bridget has news for Patrick.

Memorable quotesEdit

“Hi. How are things up on the bridge?”
“Things are going well. We're still trying to figure out what caused that subspace wave.”
“It would probably help if we were able to head over to the source of the wave.“
“We may get our chance. We're doing all right in regard to our Cardassian cargo runs. Since we have the best astrometric lab of the ships in the area,”
“We're the one that gets to investigate.”
- Bridget and Patrick Ingrum
“You feeling all right, ma'am?”
“I'm fine. I've been feeling a little queasy lately.”
- Dorian Collins and Bridget
“Because, doctor, now is not the right time. I don't want him feeling guilty about asking me to work with him on or hazardous mission.”
- Bridget, on why she is waiting to tell her boyfriend her news.
“No doubt about it. That object is a giant warp coil. Put enough plasma in that thing and you'll generate a subspace field big enough to rock anything within a couple hundred light years.”
- Bridget, on the object they found in the badlands.
“She's been feeling a little under the weather lately. She looks like she's about to get space sick or something.”
“I'm sure she'll be fine, but if I were to speculate, It's probably a cause for celebration.”
- Dorian and Donna Belding, regarding Bridget
“We've known each other for what, maybe three years now? These past three months, I think we've gotten to know each other a little more intimately. Right now I feel that our paths in life are meant for us to walk together. I guess what I'm saying is quite simple. Bridget, will you many me?”
“I was wondering when you were going to ask me that question. I'm thinking the same way. I accept.”
- Patrick proposes to Bridget
“We heard that Bridget hasn't been feeling too well. Sarah and I were thinking that it may be a sign of change.”
“Our relationship appears to have made it into scuttlebutt.”
“I suppose it has. You know what they say about scuttlebutt.”
“I do - it's usually true. I guess we should say, on a personal note, that we are now engaged and hopefully, in about seven and a half months, will become proud parents.”
- Donna, Patrick, and Bridget, confirming rumors.



"9 to 5"; Badlands; "Boats to Build" Belding, Donna; Collins, Dorian; Ingrum, Anna; Ingrum, Bridget; USS Neosho

External linksEdit

  • Boats to Build Full text of the story, at the USS Baldwin series home.

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