As USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum begins a relationship with Bridget, subspace weather interferes with their first date

Log EntriesEdit

  • "Captain's personal log, Stardate 53173.5: Baldwin has remained at Deep Space Nine for the past three days. I've briefed Starfleet Command about the Khan situation, but I have to admit that I have been distracted by Bridget's condition ever since we arrived. I know that she will be all right, but my feelings for her, I don't know why, have overwhelmed me recently. Maybe it's just fate that love has been right before my eyes for the past two years."
    - Recorded by Patrick Ingrum
  • "Personal log, Stardate 53177.4 : We are on our way to render assistance to the Wildfire. I barely met Anna when I was setting things up some time ago. Now that I am in a relationship with Patrick, I want to get to know his sister or little better."
    - Recorded by Bridget

Memorable quotesEdit

“Good morning, everyone. As you know, a renegade group of Jem'Hadar, led by Khan, has asserted control of this sector. Starfleet command would prefer to keep then contained right where they are. The 10th will be assigned to patrolling this area. The rules of engagement are simple, and I have double-checked them with Captain Rabb. Any unescorted Jem'Hadar ship that is caught on sensors shall be construed as hostile. If you see them, they have probably seen you. You should be prepared to engage. Keep weapons on standby at all times.”
“So, who goes first on patrol?”.
“Since you're eager, Jim, you can go first.”
- Patrick Ingrum and James Traficant
“You ready to go?”
“If I had known how you would react to my feelings for you, I would have turned up the charms earlier.”
- Patrick and Bridget
“I just got one thing to say about Miss Bridget - go after her with abandon. I can see the physical attraction and the groundwork of a very intimate bond. Would you be willing to make a little wager between siblings?”
“What kind of wager?”
“I bet that the two of you will have a bundle of joy to call your own within a year.”
- Patrick and Anna Ingrum


  • The title is a reference to the song by George Strait, from the 1996 album of the same name.


Aloran IV; USS Hood; Ingrum, Anna; Ingrum, Bridget; My Kind of Girl; Petrelli, Jaimie; Stacey, Amanda; (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing; USS Wildfire

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