Blake Terval
Species: human
Gender: male
Affiliation: Second Terran Empire
Stationed: Imperial Guard
Rank: Commander

Commander Blake Terval was the the commanding officer of The Emperor's Imperial Guard. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

Attack on VulcanEdit

It was Blake's job to invade the secret base on Vulcan, but he failed, leading the Imperial Guard to its first failure ever. He was captured while trying to retreat back to his shuttle and put in an interrogation room, where he was tortured for reasons unknown.



Vulcan, location of the first battle and first failure of the Imperial Guard.

He was tortured for over a month, but gave out no information. His torturer, The Man (known only for his "killer" eyes and X-shaped scar on his cheek), told Blake that because of his noncooperation, he was supposed to be killed but that he was saved by The Man's insistence that Blake was of use. ("Alternate Invasion, Part 1")

After being tortured for a short period of time and taken to the mirror universe. He was put onto a ship, blindfolded, and locked in a room. A day later, his blindfold was removed and he was told to go down the corridor and enter a door. When he asked why, The Man said, "You are going home. But you have something to do for us first."

He transported down to a desert on a planet, where The Man, now known as Gregory, took him to a base. In the base was the primary universe's Blake Terval. Gregory killed the other Terval, and started Blake on his mission.