The Black Hawk sub-class is a variant of the Sovereign class which is 20-25% larger that the standard Sovereign class. While the larger improved warp drive cannot go beyond warp 9.99, it is also equipped with Quantum Slipstream Drive to all for TransWarp speeds safely. The first starship of this variant is the USS Black Hawk, NCC-75004-A.

The major difference between a standard Sovereign-class and the Black Hawk Variant is that the Black Hawk Variant is the size, which means a large and more durable spaceframe. While the Black Hawk-A is 25% larger than an normal Sovereign-class, her profile cannot be distinguished from the profile of the newer variants if the Sovereign-class. It also means more room for more crew and equipment and more systems, including a larger and more powerful warp drive which also includes the TransWarp Quantum Slipstream Systems built into it.

The Black Hawk variant also has upgraded and updated computer systems, more powerful defensive and offensive systems, which allows the Navigational Shields to act as the defensive shields in case the main shields fail. Because the starship subclass is larger that the standard Sovereign class, there are site for more photon torpedo launchers and strips for omni-directional phasers. Also the escape pods are larger and can carry more crewmembers as well as more supplies for survival incase the ship is abandoned in deep space.

Named Starships of the SubclassEdit

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