The Bismarck class battle cruisers were a type of United Federation of Planets starship on active duty in Starfleet during at least the late 23rd century. (Task Force Games: UFP: The Federation Sourcebook for Prime Directive)

The Bismarck class was produced concurrently with the Kirov-class battle cruisers. The Bismarcks used borrowed Gorn technology (plasma-F launchers) in place of the drone racks on the Kirovs.

The standard crew complement of a Bismarck was 401 (including a Prime Team) plus 102 surface action specialists.

Background informationEdit

This class was portrayed in both RIS Bouteina and in the TOS video games Starfleet Command (game) and Starfleet Command Volume II: Empires at War as a variant of the Excelsior class called the Bismarck refit.

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