Name: Bilitra
Affiliation: rogue
Type: heavy freighter
Status: active (2382)

The Bilitra was a heavy freighter in the mirror universe. (Star Trek: Shattered Universe)


The Bilitra flew under the ownership of Commander Jon Falqon of the ISS Descent. He acquired it in a back-room deal with Linza Medaltha.

Before Falqon took possession of the Bilitra, the ship was commanded by Captain Nakeis, a Bajoran trader. He and his entire command staff, all Bajorans of various nefarious backgrounds, were eliminated within moments of each other by CMO Linza Medaltha, who took command of the Bilitra and later presented it to Falqon as a bargaining chip in trade for rank and position on the ISS Descent.

From September to December 2382, the Bilitra was stored aboard the ISS Descent, as both Linza and Falqon (and the small crew) served Captain Aeon Ryku. In December, the two decided to leave the Descent via the Bilitra (with the same small crew), to continue on a mission to discover Falqon's true historical background.


Commander Jon Falqon owned this vessel; it was not however in any manner affiliated with the Terran Empire.


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