Beyond the Edge of Forever is the third episode of Star Trek: Omega Force, a series about a group of highly trained Starfleet officers who investigate crises too high for a fully-crewed starship to handle.

It is also the third installment (preceded by Some Other World and the Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation-branded story Three Stars in the Night) of Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force, a cross-over storyline featuring the combination of elements of author William Raymer's Star Trek: Omega Force and Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation series.


The crew of the USS Yagami--along with their new TCTNG allies--begin their exploration of the USS Enterprise-B.

Star Trek: Omega Force main charactersEdit

Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation main charactersEdit

Title alterationEdit

Due to space limitations on the title entry form, this story's title in the search engine database is "Beyond the Edge."

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