The Institute's garden

The Berlusconi Institute for Excellence in Profiteering (Lyran classification: master's university) was an university on Thuban, near Echo Station 3-T-8, primarily offering undergraduate and master's degrees. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Structural Unemployment")


The Berlusconi Institute did not offer advanced degrees in scientific disciplines, much to the dismay of Dunames Lopez. However, it operated a law school, a business school and a few departments in the social sciences, the most famous of which was criminology. Its law school specialized in criminal law, and had some of the foremost experts in economic crime in the galaxy. As with most law schools in the Interstellar Concordium, law students at the Berlusconi Institute were to choose a specialization after a year in law school.

It even operated a dual-degree program with Haryalevard Academy of Business Management, where people would spend three years at the Berlusconi Institute for their bachelors of law and two years at Haryalevard for their business degree. Rabu was one graduate of the program. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Structural Unemployment")



The theater

The Berlusconi Institute had a sprawling campus, with a massive architectural garden. At the edge of the garden, there existed an outdoor theater that was used for candlelight meals when there was no performance. It was staffed by some underemployed waiters.

Production notesEdit

The school was named after a real-world Italian bandit and politician, Silvio Berlusconi. Due to the type of crimes committed by its namesake, the school had its academic offerings centered on economic crime.

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