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Berlinghoff Rasmussen was an inventor from New Jersey on 22nd century Earth. In his home-time, he stole a 26th century time-travel pod and jumped into the future.

Rasmussen planned to gather technology from the future and reverse-engineer it, making it appear he created the invention, for his own personal gain.

The USS Enterprise-D crew stopped Rasmussen in 2368 when he posed as a future historian. He was arrested, with the pod vanishing and leaving him stranded. He was later incarcerated on Starbase 214. (TNG: "A Matter of Time")

The technology from his time-pod was later installed on the Delta Flyer, 2377, and then again aboard the USS Phoenix-X in 2382. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Temporal Doom! Part I" & "Displacement Syndrome")

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