"Belka Saris" was a cover identity adopted by Commander Reshek Taryn for a mission to infiltrate USS Bajor and destroy data on the Borg Queen's time travel technology before it could be acquired by the rival Borg AI One of One.

Belka Saris was said to have been born in Christopher's Landing on Titan, the granddaughter of refugees from the Occupation of Bajor. She enlisted in Starfleet as a systems engineer but later transferred to Military Assault Command Operations, and by 2411 held the rank of petty officer second class. She was assigned to MACO Unit 131 under Lieutenant Rachel Connor for the raid on Delta-86017114-3, and convinced her CO to leave the team's regular computer specialist, K'tar, behind at the landing zone.

Belka successfully retrieved the data but was injured by a defense mechanism. While she was recuperating, Command Master Chief Kinlo discovered Belka's erasure of the research data, and Reshek Taryn was forced by Captain Kanril Eleya to come clean about her true identity. (Bait and Switch: "Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother")

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