Battle of Vulcan
Part of Mirror War
Date: 11 September 2602
Location: Vulcan
Result: Federation victory
Second Terran Empire United Federation of Planets
The Emperor Frank Riker
40 starships 42 starships
17 starships 27 starships
Previous Next
The Romulan Crisis Battle At Mirror Earth

The Battle of Vulcan took place on September 11th, 2602 and was the first battle of the Mirror War (Star Trek: Mirror Wars). (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

The mirror universe forces sent a cloaked fleet to Vulcan to attack it (and unknown to most people, to capture a hidden base on the planet). Several ships met the now uncloaked fleet in orbit over Vulcan. A few hours later, the USS Majestic showed up to help the fight. The battle was about to be lost when the fleet commanded by Frank Riker and William Deker appeared. When that fleet appeared, the mirror forces knew that they couldn't win, and retreated, getting a victory for Starfleet.

Participating vesselsEdit

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