Battle of Torros III
Part of Dominion War
Date: 2373
Location: Torros III
Result: Federation/Klingon victory
Federation, Klingon Empire Dominion
unknown unknown
unknown unknown
unknown shipyards destroyed
unknown unknown
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Second Battle of Deep Space 9 Battle of Rumarda

The Battle of Torros III was the first Federation-Klingon Empire offensive action of the Dominion War.

With the mining of the Bajoran wormhole Starfleet Command decided to not reinforce Deep Space 9 but to instead use it as a distraction to launch their own offensive. They chose the Dominion shipyards at Torros III. The operation was to occurred at the same time as the Second Battle of Deep Space 9, since it relied on the Dominion diverting its forces to capture the station.

The battle was a stunning success, while the Dominion attacked in the Bajoran system the joint fleet crossed the border and destroyed the shipyards. (DS9: "Call to Arms")

Partipicating vesselsEdit

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