Battle of New Xindus
Part of Dominion War - Kalandra Offensive
Date: June 2374
Location: New Xindus
Result: Dominion Victory

Occupation of Xindus begins

Xindi Defense Forces Cardassian 16th Order
Commander Guruk Arjagul Tarska Hesar
200 ships 400 ships
All ships Minor
Heavy Minor

The Battle of New Xindus was a confrontation during the Dominion War. (The Renewal Offensive)

The BattleEdit

Shortly after the fall of Betazed, the Dominion launched a massive assault in the Kalandra Sector. Dubbed by Starfleet as "The Summer Offensive", multiple systems were captured in rapid succession. Starfleet Intelligence discovered that the Dominion planned to invade the Xindus system and with no way of sending reinforcements in time, the Xindi Council resolved to evacuate a total of two million civilians of each race and have the Defense Forces hold off the Cardassians long enough for them to escape. The day before the battle, the command staff of the 29th Fleet left the system and Starbase 19 was stripped of all useful equipment and information.

The attack proceeded exactly how the Xindi Defense Command foresaw. Despite relentless attacks from the Cardassian Sixteenth Order, they were able to hold off the enemy long enough for the evacuees to escape the system. After ten hours, the last ships departed and the Defense Forces were ordered to stand down. They warped back to the planet, beamed down all personnel in remote locations. Afterwards, the ships left for Azati Prime.


Shortly after the battle, Arjagul Tarska Hesar beamed down triumphantly to the planet's surface. Liska's 11th Jem'Hadar Division arrived the following day and executed the entire Xindi Council. Councilor Bariq Adoma was able to escape the slaughter and fled to the Kethori Mountains, where he began planning his resistance movement.

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