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Battle of Lakesh
Part of Cardassian Insurgency
Date: March 2376
Location: Crolsa system
Result: Federation victory
Federation Cardassian Insurgents
Cpt. Donald Sandhurst Gul Panor
1 Nebula-class explorer, 1 Constitution-class escort, 1 Nova-class science ship 1 Galor-class cruiser, 3 Hideki-class attack ships, 17 Ordis-class starfighters
1 Nebula-class explorer, 1 Nova-class science ship 1 Galor-class cruiser, 1 Hideki-class attack ship, 7 Ordis-class starfighters
High High

The Battle of Lakesh was a relatively small battle that took place in the Crolsa system in the months following the conclusion of the Dominion War between a Starfleet humanitarian relief force and the Cardassian Crimson Order insurgent movement that resulted in a Pyrrhic Federation victory. (Star Trek: Gibraltar: "Embers of the Fire")

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