The Battle of Kressgon
Date: March 2386
Location: Kressgon
Result: Federation Victory
United Federation of Planets Borg
Puto, Lewis, Jono, Lisa Coventry Borg Emperor
USS Odyssey-A, USS Pentok, a number of support fighters Emperor's Harvester, about two-hundred Borg drones
None All
A small number of troops All
Previous Next
Battle of Gateway Seige of Beta Thoridor

The Battle of Kressgon was an engagement between the Federation and Borg at the planet Kressgon. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

In March 2386, the Kressgoni star was undergoing an annual solar ejection which was a unique event in the sector. Starfleet sent the senior staff from Unity One Starbase (Puto, Lewis and Jono) to observe the event using an enhanced telescope. About a day before the solar ejection occurred, however, a Borg Harvester vessel entered the system, scouting for a planetry system in which to re-build after the Borg's crippling defeat, three months before. This was detected by the team and the Harvester dropped into low orbit of the planet, using assimilation beams to take control of Kressgon City, leaving the outer areas un-assimilated. The Unity team had to escape through an Iconian Stargate, however the Federation starship USS Pentok, under the command of Captain Lisa Coventry, was in the system, conducting a survey mission of its own and forced the Borg vessel into retreat. Whilst the Harvester was away conducting an attack at Unity One Starbase, the planet was under control of about two-hundred Borg drones, which under orders from above, did not assimilate the population, instead holding them prisoner in preparation for the Harvester's return. An energy link between the Harvester and the planet's core was created to provide huge amounts of power to the Borg vessel. A number of Kressgonians on the outskirts of Kressgon City were able to form a resistance, and hid from drones in the forests.

Several hours later, the Borg Harvester returned and assimilation of the city and it's population began. An assault by Starfleet, led by Puto, Lewis, Jono, Prax and Lisa Coventry, started very shortly after, both over the planet, with the USS Odyssey-A and USS Pentok attacking the Borg harvester, and through the Iconian Stargate, with Starfleet troops engaging with the Borg drones. Early on in the ground battle, Starfleet rounded up the Kressgonian resistance fighters and together they invaded the assimilated city, destroying all of the Borg left. Captain Puto also cut off the Harvester's power supply to Kressgon's molten core, lowering the Harvester's head shields in time for the Kressgoni solar ejection to vaporise it.

The Borg had been defeated, and although Kressgon had suffered the assimilation of its central city and about twenty-five to thirty natives, the damage could have been a lot worse. The assistance of Starfleet in defending the planet would go a long way to strengthen the friendship between the Federation and the Tribes of Kressgon.

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