Battle of Gateway
Date: October 2385
Location: Unity One Starbase (Gateway system)
Result: Federation/Alliance victory
United Federation of Planets/Alliance Borg Collective
Captain Lewis, Captain Puto, Commander Tina Nuttol unknown
Unity One Starbase, several Alliance starships, several ISM warships Borg cube
Many starships Many starships
Heavy loss Heavy loss
The Battle4

The Battle of Gateway was a massive battle between Alliance forces and the Borg. The battle proved the Borg were once again a central power in the galaxy after their apparent defeat at the Borg Elimination Incident. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

The battle itself, centered around Unity One Starbase in the Gateway system lasted on and off for almost four weeks. The Borg laid siege to the base, but were unaware of Unity's Iconian stargate, from which hundreds of reinforcements and fighters came through. Around 4000 vessels were involved, over three quarters of which were destroyed.

Participating starshipsEdit

Alliance vesselsEdit


Imperial Starfleet Military

Klingon Defence Force

Romulan Star Empire


  • 2 Frigates

and Unity One Starbase.

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