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The Battle of England
Part of Downfall of the Borg Emperor
Date: February 2007
Location: Earth
Result: Federation victory
United Federation of Planets Borg
Puto, Lewis, Jono, Lisa Coventry Borg Emperor
USS Odyssey-A, a number of fighters, about 50 troopers Emperor's cube, hundreds of drones
None All
A small number of troops All
Previous Next
Second Battle of Beta Thoridor End of hostilities

The Battle of England was a large battle between the Borg and the USS Odyssey-A in 2007, situated in a small town in southern England, Earth. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

The battle started when the surviving Borg vessels of the Second Battle of Beta Thoridor entered a temporal rift over the planet Beta Thoridor II that led to the year 2007 and Earth. The Federation starship USS Odyssey-A followed in an attempt to stop the Borg from changing history.

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