Battle of Azkapanama
Date: 2415
Location: Unity Three Starbase
Result: Starfleet victory
Starfleet Orion Syndicate
Rear admiral Tara Whitten unknown
182nd Tactical Fighter Wing
550 redshirts
2 ships
4,700 robots
490 redshirts All

The Battle of Azkapanama was an engagement between Starfleet forces and the Orion Syndicate in 2415. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Murder Grove")


Metraux was murdered and the investigation was underway as prisoners were held on the ground while the orbital facility was being finished. Some prisoners linked to the Orion Syndicate were detained, while others were on remand.

The battleEdit

The ground facility of Unity Three Starbase's outer defenses were quickly overrun while the 182nd Tactical Fighter Wing was dispatched to deal with the Orion forces. As the outer defenses were breached, the Orions bypassed the shuttlebay and the starbase foremen's offices to make way to the brig. Heavy losses were reported on both sides while the enemy madeway to the brig.

Meanwhile, Catherine Mouranger discovered that the Orion robots were ineffectual at point-blank range and had False Vacuum Squadron close in within lightsaber range, decimating the ranks of the enemy infantry. While the enemy was being beaten on the ground, Powerleveling Squadron was being deployed to destroy their orbital supports, which were antiquated ISC-built starships.


The prisoners were transferred to various locations: the Orion prisoners were transferred to Facility 4028 while the prisoners suspected of murdering Metraux were escorted by False Vacuum Squadron to Starbase 182. A survivor of the battle was promoted to petty officer second class and was transferred to a ship as a result.

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