On the other side of the Briar Patch Nebula, on the edge of the unknown, Wing Commander Lee Carter leads her elite squadron of pilots against warring empires, marauding pirates, and the Smelly Jelly!


Big BangEdit

We meet the Banshees as they fight to prevent the evil Vincent Kelly from blowing up the New Canada system with a nova bomb. They succeed, but blow up their fighters in the process.

Deus ex MachinaEdit

The Banshees are rescued from their exploding fighters by Captain Matthew Cross aboard the Cat's-Eye recon ship.

In the DoghouseEdit

Carter gets chewed out by Starbase 901's CO for losing yet another squadron of fighters. Banshee Squadron is put on leave until new fighters can be requisitioned.

Unyoked HumorEdit

The Banshees are sitting in their favorite El Taco, bored to death by their forced vacation. Carter tells the story of the first encounter with the Smelly Jelly. Still bored, they visit Matthew Cross and Dexter Gray, and invite themselves along on Cross' mission to explore the New Canada Asteroid Belt.

She Got It In the EndEdit

En-route to the asteroids, Jo tells the story of what happened after the Banshees brought a sample of Smelly Jelly back to the starbase: the infamous 'tushie pinching incident'.

Green EggsEdit

An artificial asteroid is discovered with a Smelly Jelly imprisoned inside.

Seeing GreenEdit

The Jelly attacks, forcing the Cat's-Eye to reseal the cracked asteroid, trapping it inside again.


  • This story is little more than cobbled-together posts from the old email rpg in which the Banshees played at the time. Background information is given through the stories Carter and Jo tell. All-in-all, it makes for a clunky and rather pointless story. Parts of it will be incorporated into Eidolon to form a proper and respectable Star Trek: Banshee Squadron premier episode.

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