The Bajoran trove was a chemically mixed drink from Bajoran culture that caused inspiration in the emotions of the Bajorans who drank it. It was sometimes considered a medicine. The drink was known to have different effects on differing species. For example, with Trill, the drink would cause the drinker to become relentlessly nostalgic.

In 2375, Ensign Dan introduced the drink to Commander Gotens, causing the Commander to fall into an uncontrollable state of nostalgia. In order to reverse the effects, Ensign Dan combined a multitude of organic and chemical material - including fruit, and wine - and reconfigured his combadge to send an energy pulse through the mixture to alter the state of it. He then fed the mixture to the Commander, which successfully cured him of all adverse effects. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The Bajoran Trove")

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