The calendar used by the Bajoran people differed from that of Earth. (Bait and Switch: "From Bajor to the Black, Part I", "To Absent Friends", "A Changed World"; The War of the Masters: "Remembrance of the Fallen", "The Only Way to Go")

Bajor canonically has a 26-hour local day. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) It is likely the length of its solar year is similar but not identical to Earth's, given that both planets orbit in the habitable zones of a G2V-class star.

Dating structureEdit

Dates under the Bajoran calendar took the form of day and month, followed by an era and a year of that era, and subsequently a descriptive name for the year. An example was Satar 4, Seventh Era 943, Year of the Unseen Harp, which corresponded to 8 June 2397 by Earth's calendar. This could be shortened to Satar 4, 7E943. (Bait and Switch: "From Bajor to the Black, Part I")


Name of month Notes and references
Months with known order
Tamhali [1]
Kadera The Day of Remembrance is the 4th day of this month.[1]
Other months
Satar [2]
Ilrani [2]
Talmos [3]


Numeric year Year name Corresponding Earth year Notes
Seventh Era 815 Year of Venomous Scribes 2271 one year after first contact between Bajor and the Federation[4]
Unknown Year of Nine Sorrows Unknown Took place during the Occupation of Bajor. Kai Opaka Sulan abolished the D'jarra in this year.[4]
7E943 Year of the Unseen Harp 2397 [2]
7E947 Year of Ill-Timed Truth 2401 [2]
7E957 Year of Distant Travails 2410 [5]
7E959 Year of Shadows 2412 [3]
7E1078 Year of Six Wraiths 2531 [6]



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