Bajoran Resistance
Bajoran insignia
Insignia of Bajor.
Founded: 2333
Disbanded: 2369
Type: insurgency
Head: no single leader
Status: inactive as of Cardassian withdrawal in 2369

The Bajoran Resistance was a resistance movement aimed at combating the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. Through a combination of guerrilla warfare and terror tactics, the Resistance eventually succeeded in its goals and pushed the Cardassians off of Bajor, ensuring the planet's independence. Many members of the Resistance went on to become part of the Bajoran Militia. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Fan continuities Edit

Star Trek: Remington Edit

Pagad Turis was a member of the Resistance who became a Field Colonel in the Militia.

Bait and Switch Edit

Kanril Eleya's father Kanril Torvo and grandfather were members of the Resistance, and her grandfather was a casualty of the Kendra Valley Massacre of 2368. Torvo survived the Occupation minus his left eye and returned to civilian life after the Cardassian withdrawal. (Bait and Switch: "From Bajor to the Black, Part I", The Wrong Reflection: "Somebody Else's Wedding")

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