A legislator from a Federation colony requests asylum aboard Baldwin.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "You were severely beaten within an inch of your life by someone who was determined to put you in that position. Now step to it!"
    Bridget Ingrum, making sure her husband sees the doctor.
  • "Hey, what do you have?"
    "A huge pile of 'what the hell is going on,'"
    Sara Jackson and Sarah Allison
  • "I've also received a transmission from Starfleet Command with the New Cardiff Security Force's case against Mr. Whitburn. They delivered what they claim to be a series of intercepted transmissions between Nosotors and the Syndicate. However, because Starfleet Intelligence has not seen any Syndicate activity on New Cardiff, there's no way I'm taking their evidence at face value. I'm having Miss Allison verify the authenticity of the transmissions."
  • "Captain, Lieutenant, to sum it up, these messages are fake. They might have been able to fool a public defender or a jury; however, it couldn't stand scrutiny of a standard intel analysis."
    Sarah delivers her findings
  • "It seems that Governor Quellen has you on her enemies list. All of the evidence she has against you is clearly falsified. As far as I'm concerned, the charges against you are baseless. However - "
    "However, the Governor still has enough pull over the judicial system on New Cardiff that she can keep the charges up long enough for me to lose my riding."
    "If I lived in your riding, you would still have my vote."
    Patrick and Jacob Whitburn


  • The title is a reference to the "Bad Wolf" meme that originated in the 2005 season of Doctor Who.


Ingrum, Patrick; Jackson, Sara; Kline; New Cardiff; Quellen (New Cardiff governor); Telepathy; Whitburn, Jacob

External linksEdit

  • Bad Wolf Full text of the story, on the author's website.

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