Ba'l, a So'jan in the 24th century, was the President of the So'ja Republic from 2374 to 2379. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

So'ja Kingdom (2370-2373)Edit

In the early 2370s, Ba'l began to question whether or not his people should be ruled by the monarchy, namely King So'mal and his immediately family. Ba'l was one of the few senators who objected to the marriage of Princess Sr'gi to Count Ar'kon. Ba'l felt that Ar'kon was too aggressive and would take the so'jan people down a path of destruction. He formed a movement with some colleagues and members of the military to overthrow So'mal and create a democracy.

In 2373, the Federation made contact with the So'jan, Captain Timothy Franco and Commander Connor Burt were part of the Federation delegation. ("Fall of the Apollo")

So'ja Republic (2374-2379)Edit

In 2374, Ba'l, with the help of Admiral Ru'mal, successfully lead a revolt against the monarchy. During his rule, Ba'l attempted to create a stable democracy, but had trouble uniting the various family clans that had been easily united under the kingdom. Ba'l turned to the Federation for help and they were happy to step in and assist. This partnership culminated in 2377, when Ba'l signed the Venka Treaty with the Federation, allowing them access to the Venka Nebula.

So'ja Rebellion (2378)Edit

Military officials were outraged at Ba'l's "partnership" with the Federation and many, including many senators felt that a regime change was in order. The Senate and the Admiralty meet in private and decided that Ba'l should be take out, and the monarchy should be reinstated. This rebellion began in 2378, with Admiral Ru'mal, a former friend of President Ba'l, as the rebellion's military commander. Ar'kon, the son-in-law of the late King So'mal was selected as the new political leader, and would take on the title Chancellor once the coup d'état was complete.

In early 2379, the coup d'état was succeed and Ba'l had to be evacuated off Ka'al by his Federation allies. After the Republic fell and was replaced by the Coalition, Ba'l opted to stayed on Earth and advice the Federation President. ("The Removal, Part 2", "Defector, Part 1")

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