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The main computer programmer is a crippled B'nai from the Strand.

S/He has no name, only colors, because S/He looks like one giant cuttlefish living in a pool of water, with some cybernetic arms. S/He is incapable to have audio memory, only visual information have value to hir.

S/he was founded by archaeologists in a stasis field on the artificial planet-constellation called the Strand (which received its name because it looks like a strand of DNA) which conserved an era 200 thousand years in the past. S/He lives since 50 years in the Federation, and now S/he is also an expert in contemporary politics and science, but hir real home remains the past, and secretly S/He dreams about once returning to hir fellow people long since extinct from the Universe.

Most of the time S/He lives in a virtual reality based on hir former life before the stasis-field, the only crew-member, who could access this dream-world is Széki Gyárfás Bese, who has a kind of interaction with the Programmer - contrary to the communication differences between their species -, which could be called as friendship. S/He knows technology of hir own people beyond anything the Federation scientists have ever known. (Star Trek: USS al-Qazwini)

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