B'fuselek was an Andorian communications officer on the USS Exeter. (Starship Exeter, Star Trek: The Animated Series Comics)

Early life and careerEdit

B'fuselek and his Andorian pod-brother, T'thuselem, were hatched on Epsilon Indi IV in the year 2239. He graduated Starfleet Academy 2264. B'fuselek has the distinction of being the second Andorian to graduate from Starfleet Academy and serve aboard a Starfleet vessel. As such, he has become mildly famous among the people of his homeworld. (Starship Exeter)

Republic missionsEdit

Assigned to USS Republic communications section but also working at the helm. (Starship Exeter: "The Tressaurian Intersection")

Promoted to rank of lieutenant in 2266 (on stardate 2443.7). (Starship Exeter)

Exeter missionsEdit

Assigned to USS Exeter as senior communications officer in 2268 (on stardate 4774.9).

When some Tressaurians used a gravity-wave device to destroy Starbase 16 on planet Corinth IV, B'fuselek was badly affected by its emanations, because his antennae made him sensitive to gravity fluctuations. He later exploited this to navigate the ship. (Starship Exeter: "The Tressaurian Intersection")

Family and personal lifeEdit

B'fuselek enumerates his family as his queen and his pod brother T'thuselem in conversation with M'ress. (Star Trek: The Animated Series Comics: "Home is not a Place")

Exeter tti jo harris 2

Commander Jo Harris, B'fuselek's secret love interest

He met Jo Harris while they both served on the USS Republic. B'fuselek developed a secret affection for Commander Harris over the years, but he keeps his feelings for her well-guarded. (Starship Exeter, Star Trek: The Animated Series Comics: "Home is not a Place")



Background information Edit

  • B'fuselek was played by fan actor Joshua Caleb in all of the character's appearances on Starship Exeter.
  • The makeup is patterned on designs seen in the original series episodes "Journey To Babel" and "Whom Gods Destroy".
  • B'fuselek is the Exeter's Andorian communications officer. The character's background is derived from several Trek-based RPGs of the 1970s and 1980s.

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