Ayelet Tovah ben Eliezer, D.O. (2229-2263?) was a Starfleet medical officer on active duty in the 23rd century. (Star Trek: Accord)

ben Eliezer was the elder of two children born to Ehud and Shoshana ben Eliezer on Hebron colony. Her younger brother, with whom she was very close, was Avram ben Eliezer.

She graduated near the top of her class at Starfleet Medical Academy in 2255.

In the 2250s and 60s, she would serve as a medical officer on the USS Accord, commanded by Captain Soledad Ibañez, under Lieutenant Commander Thomas Mangubat. ben Eliezer was promoted to chief medical officer in 2262.

Dr. ben Eliezer was among the Accord crew lost in 2263. (Star Trek: Accord: "Year One")
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Background informationEdit

"Ayelet" (Hebrew, deer) is after a former classmate of the author's at New York University in the 1980s. "Tovah" (Hebrew, good) is after the actress Tovah Feldshuh. Her surname is after Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Israeli politician and former military officer. "Eliezer" means God is [my] help in Hebrew.

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