The Attack on Carrier Alpha-26 was an engagement between Starfleet's 352nd Tactical Wing and Dominion carrier group during the Battle of Betazed.

Part of the Dominion's Kalandra sector fleet was a single Jem'Hadar carrier designated Alpha-26. A powerful and crucial starship it had ferried around fifty Jem'Hadar fighters to the Battle of Betazed and its heavy polaron cannons inflicted significant damage to the major vessels of the Tenth Fleet.

Recognizing it's importance, Captain Roger Osmont, commanding officer of the USS Carpathia, and leader of the 352nd Tactical Wing's Destroyer Unit (the "Rigellian Roughnecks") became determined to destroy it. Osmont took his wing to engage the carrier, smashing his way through a group of Jem'Hadar attack ships to get there. Once faced with the carrier's escorting Minthras-class destroyer escorts Osmont split his wing into two groups and flanked the escorts, hammering them with barrages of phasers and torpedo fire.

While the carrier's escorts were engaging the wing Alpha-26 retreated, heading for a group of Galor-class destroyers that could offer it more then enough protection from the 352nd. By the time the 352nd had destroyed the escorts only half of the wing remained and the ships still functional were heavily damaged. With little time left Osmont and his crew of 350 made the supreme sacrifice and rammed the carrier, detonating the ship's auto-destruct at the same time. The resulting explosion destroyed the Carpathia, Alpha-26 and several attack ships.

Following the battle the crew of the Carpathia were posthumously awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor. (LUG RPG: The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

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