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Atlantis (NX-04) (Baldwin)

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This article is specific to USS Baldwin continuity. For other versions of this vessel, see: Atlantis (NX class).

Atlantis (NX-04) was NX-class explorer in Earth Starfleet service during the mid-22nd century during the Earth-Romulan War.

The logs of the starship Discovery for August 9, 2156 recommended to Starfleet that Atlantis, along with Columbia, catch the Romulans off-guard by performing surgical ‘calvary raids’ on their outposts. (USS Baldwin: "Against the Wind")


USS Baldwin: "Against the Wind" states that there were five NX-class ships built in the contuinty of USS Baldwin, with the fate of all ships except Discovery known. However, nothing else is stated about the fate of Atlantis.

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