"Hey, I'm an assaultman, Chief, not a MACO. Why sneak around it when you can blow it up?"
SCPO. Athezra Darrod to Chief Petty Officer Sebula (The Wrong Reflection)

Athezra Darrod was a male Bajoran active as a Federation Starfleet non-commissioned officer in the early 25th century. He held a security officer rating. (Bait and Switch)

Biography Edit

Athezra Darrod was an only child. His parents were killed in a 2400 terrorist bombing by the True Way. ("Last Rights")


In 2405 Athezra was assigned to a Starfleet installation on Korvat at the outbreak of the Federation-Klingon War. Half his squad was killed and he credited the USS Abraham Lincoln for providing fighter cover that saved the rest. (Bait and Switch)

In August 2409 Athezra held the grade of senior chief petty officer and was assigned to the USS Bajor's Security division as ranking noncom. He assisted Security Chief Dul'krah, Clan Korekh in investigations and also led the ship's assault team. ("Downbelow", "An Anomalous Nightmare", The Headhunt)

Late in the year he was lightly wounded when the Bajor responded to an Orion Syndicate slave raid against Dreon VII. (Bait and Switch)


In 2410, Athezra and the assault team joined MACO Unit 92 and four platoons of Cardassian Guard soldiers in a drop pod assault on a Terran Starfleet position in the mirror universe version of the Bavar system. He used a rocket launcher to eliminate two enemy infantry positions. (The Wrong Reflection)

On Stardate 87234.2, Athezra beamed down to Orvis II as part of a security detail for a science team led by Tesjha Phohl and Birail Riyannis. He and Tess were captured by Dalsh Ruul along with most of the team, and Ruul held a gun to his head in hopes of making Tess talk. This failed, and Athezra later overpowered one of his captors when the Bajor returned to the planet. ("Frostbite")

On 6 April he, along with hundreds of his fellow crew, observed the Day of Remembrance, leaving a flower for Crewman Teaghan Matheson at the memorial wall. ("To Absent Friends")

Athezra was killed by shrapnel during a ground battle on Kobali Prime. His body was requested by the Kobali, who used it to create a Kobali newborn named Q'Tal, who was adopted by Lyndsay Ballard. ("Last Rights")

Religious preferenceEdit

Athezra was a member of the Bajoran religion, described as a secular Foundation Reformist. ("Last Rights")