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Ashok served as chief engineer of the USS Gibraltar (NCC-1859). He had been noted as something of an introvert, practically a pariah among a species known for their persistent effusiveness. The Bolian's work was steady, reliable and effective; but according to his supervisors' reviews, Ashok would never be one of those engineers elevated to the pantheon of "miracle workers". (Star Trek: Gibraltar)

Prior Starfleet serviceEdit

Ashok has served on two Miranda-class vessels.

USS GibraltarEdit

Because of his experience with older vessels, Ashok was posted as chief engineer on the aging ship.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I’ll do what I can, sir. But I won’t promise what I can’t deliver."
— Ashok addressing Captain Sandhurst's demand to squeeze Warp 8.4 out of Gibraltar's engines. (Geometries of Chance)

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