The artificial wormhole network was a chain of artificially generated wormholes, interconnected via subspace, made possible by noted Trill scientist Dr. Lenara Kahn. After three years of field studies and experiments begun at Deep Space 9 in 2375, Dr. Kahn's work led to the first artificial wormholes in 2378. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

The wormhole network revolutionized 24th century travel throughout the 2380s, allowing Federation starships such as the UFS Arcadia to reach previously inaccessible areas throughout the galaxy. In conjunction with subspace transporters, they also allowed personal travel up to hundreds of light-years without need of starships. As a result, the United Federation of Planets acquired new planetary members in other quadrants of the galaxy, as well as formed relations with many new species.

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artificial wormhole network at Arcapedia

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