Arthur Porter was a fighter pilot and a police agent assigned to False Vacuum Squadron in 2415. As a fighter pilot, he flew under the callsign Brown Envelope.


Starfleet serviceEdit

As part of military police, he took part in the investigation of Metraux's murder when he was first assigned to False Vacuum Squadron on Azkapanama. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Arthur Porter and the Corpse of Azkapanama")

He gained ace status during the Second Battle of Tovolo. He became a father after seven years in Starfleet service. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Scrap Yard Vegas")

Service jacketEdit

ENS (2390s).png
Red (2390s).png
USS Neman 2415-2417
LTJG (2390s).png
Red (2390s).png
USS Neman 2417-2420
LT (2390s).png
Red (2390s).png
USS Neman 2420-

Production notesEdit

Due to the use of photomanipulation, he was played by the late Arthur Porter, a doctor involved in a major corruption scandal in Quebec.

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