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Lt. Jethryk was a Support Officer onboard the USS Intrepid in the late 23rd century. (Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures)

Early life before the IntrepidEdit

Jethryk was born on October 8, 2244 human calendar time on the planet Rigel V-A.

Memorable quotesEdit


  • 2244: Jethryk is born on the planet Rigel V-A.
  • 2262: Jethryk enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2266: Jethryk graduates Starfleet Academy and promoted to Ensign, his first assignment is Starbase 11 as a support officer.
  • 2268: Jethryk is promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and assigned to the USS Ptolemy as a support officer.
  • 2270: Jethryk is promoted to full Lieutenant and is assigned to the USS Intrepid a support officer.

Service recordEdit

CDT4 (TOS).png
Gray (TOS).png
Cadet 2262-2266 attended Starfleet Academy
Red (TOS) Ensign 2266-2268 assigned as Support Officer on Starbase 11.
LTJG (TOS).png
Red (TOS).png
Lieutenant junior grade 2268-2270 assigned as Support Officer on the USS Ptolemy.
LT (TOS).png
Red (TOS).png
Lieutenant 2270- Support Officer on the USS Intrepid.

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