The Arrow class of starfighters were a type of auxiliary craft in service to the Earth Starfleet during at least the Earth-Romulan War. (Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology)

Arrow class and Galliant-class starfighters were embarked on carriers during the war and saw heavy combat. After a treaty was signed between the Coalition of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire, these fighters were replaced by those of the Normandy-class. (FASA RPG: The Romulan War)

Some fighters of this class might have been retained by the nascent Federation Starfleet for training purposes or as part of a reserve fleet. Despite Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology's assertions that the fighters had "advanced first generation warp drive," Arrow class fighters could not have been warp-capable, given the technology level of the era. It is possible, however, that the fighters had some kind of one-use only emergency fusion-powered low-yield warp drive.

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