Arron Terial was the commander of Task Force 575. He also commanded the USS Repulse. (


Raised a few miles from the less than sunny British coast Arron was raised as part of a wealthy family, his father was a senator and his mother daughter of a diplomat. In his youth he joining a street gang where he learnt martial arts.

A Starfleet security officer visiting his district was impressed Arron and he abandoned the gang with a new goal to join Starfleet.

When his diplomat parents were killed in a shuttle accident just outside of the Mars colony he threw himself deeper into his study, locking himself away from everyone and becoming a semi-recluse as he struggled to deal with his grief.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

He graduated third in his class for astrophysics, excelled in security training and came top of his class in operations management. One academy tutor was heard to remark. "there isn’t a subject that guy can become proficient in."

Arron then went on to command school, where a brief fling with one of his instructors almost saw him kicked out. Despite this he came within the top 25% of his graduating class. For the last part of his graduation from command school he served on a Galaxy-class starship.

Starfleet careerEdit

Once he graduated he returned to the same Galaxy class as an ensign. He served with distinction for his time aboard.

From there he was posted to the USS Minneapolis where he served as assistant ops manager and executive officer of the night shift.

While on shore leave to Risa he fell in love with a Betazed official's daughter. However, he returned to the Minneapolis and continued his career path ending their relationship.

He was soon made the assistant chief of ops and received an early promotion to lieutenant junior grade. He was considered for the position of second officer after the previous holder was reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence.

Arron was called back to Earth and was reassigned to the Obsidian fleet, receiving a promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander and command of the USS Hastings, a New Orleans-class frigate in Task Force 72. His time on the Hastings was short lived as he suffered a minor seizure during the ship's second mission and was removed from command for medical reasons.

After recuperating, though with some limited movement in his right arm, he returned to assumes command of USS Hood.

After some time on the Hood he was approached by Admiral Tiger to join Echo Fleet. Arron accepted and was assigned to the USS Repulse.

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