D'Resh Arlynn was an orion officer on the USS Mandela in 2267. (Boldly Gone)

Early lifeEdit

Arlynn was rescued from Orion sex-slave traders by an unaffiliated sentient-rights organization in 2253. She was adoped by a family on a farming colony Beta XII-A.

Starfleet careerEdit

D'Resh accepted early enrollment in Starfleet Academy, making a name for herself through her stellar academic performance and by tearing down of cultural barriers associated with her species.

After three years of assignments to various vessels she was fast-tracked to command status and assigned to the diplomatic vessel USS Mandela as first officer.


  • 30 November 2243 (approximate) born
  • 2253 rescued and adopted
  • 2262 Valedictorian, Academy graduating Class of 2262
  • 2265 Assigned to the Mandela
  • 2266 (Stardate 2823) Pausch Citation for Computer Science
  • 2267 (Stardate 3003) Commendation for Distinguished Service Under Fire


D'Resh's rapid rise in Starfleet has not gone unnoticed by her commanding officer Paul Meredith or others in the crew, many of whom find her presence unnerving.

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