Khatan zshaar

An Arkonian male

Arkonians are a sentient race from Arkonia.


Arkonians are reptilians and are, therefore, sensitive to external temperatures. Their bodies are not water based. Rather, they are based on a brown liquid called ta'rat'ush.

Their saliva can rapidly heal superficial wounds. (ENT: "Dawn")


Arkonian destroyer

An Arkonian destroyer in 2152

In the mid-21st century, the species began traveling faster than light. Soon after, the Vulcans made first contact. The relationship, however, was icy at best.

In 2152, an Earth ship established a working relationship with the Arkonians that led to a joint rescue mission. (ENT: "Dawn")

Though not a founding member, Arkonians were early members of the United Federation of Planets. (Star Trek: Independence)


Arkonians do not celebrate their birth date.

Instead of nodding for yes, they tick their heads to the right; for no, they jerk to the left.

They ritually mate every fifteen years and the elders of the community raise the young.

Family name stays with the female, but is only used in formal settings. (Star Trek: Independence)


Since biological parents have no obligation to raise offspring, "mother" and "father" do not directly translate.

The closest equivalents are: Go'chama ~ female creator, and Lo'chama ~ male creator. (Star Trek: Independence)

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