Ares class in drydock

The Ares-class was a type of starship fielded by the Federation Starfleet during the Four Years War. (Star Trek: Axanar)

The Ares was designed to combat the Klingon D6-class. It was the first pure warship developed by Starfleet and was bigger, faster, and better armed than any other vessel before it.

The class helped turn the tide of the war, though would be later outclassed by the Klingon D7-class. ("Prelude to Axanar")


During the first two years of the four years war, Starfleet was experiencing near constant defeat at the hands of the Imperial Klingon Navy's D-6 Battlecruiser. Whole systems were being seized, the populations slaughtered at the hands of these formidable warships. Changes had to be made. The Starfleet Commander in Chief, Admiral Conrad Slater, was replaced by Admiral Marcus Ramirez. Ramirez' first action was to order the design and production of Starfleet's first ever dedicated warship, the Ares class. The simulations as well as the specifications looked optimistic, but its first real test would be on the battlefield. The Vulcans restricted their involvement to environmental, propulsion, and defensive sytems, though there were voices that demanded Vulcan remove their participation completely. In the words of Captain Samuel Trask, " A Vulcan's gonna do what a Vulcan's gonna do." But the Andorians were happy to supply the weapons systems. The First ship of the class, the USS Ares would be assigned to the Captain of the Destroyer Xenophon, Captain Kelvar Garth. There were over a dozen other systems waiting on the Ares class. Operation Pegasus would be the proving ground.


There were over a dozen other member worlds waiting on the new Ares class. Once operational, the new ship, combined with the hard-won experience of their ship commanders was impressive. Following the victory at Cygnus III by Captain Kelvar Garth, the tide had turned in favor of Starfleet. At that time Starfleet Crews tended to gravitate towards a single species. Vulcan, human, Tellarite, Andorian. This proved to be challenging for the Klingons. In the words of Kharn, Supreme Warlord of the Imperial Klingon Navy and mastermind of the war with the Federation, "It was, frustrating fighting Starfleet. You never knew who you were facing, and knowing one's enemy is the first rule of war."


Classes of ships involved in the four years war

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