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Arcapedia is an online wiki-style encyclopedia created by Sasoriza, covering Star Trek: Arcadia and its spinoffs, Star Trek: Cadre and Star Trek: New Empire, as well as corollary fan fiction projects. While initially designed as a companion to Star Trek: Arcadia-related articles on Star Trek Expanded Universe, in order to avoid confusion with other articles and fan fiction continuities on STEU, the project has since become a full-fledged encyclopedic database in its own right, constantly revised and expanded, serving the interests of Star Trek: Arcadia writers and readers. Arcapedia features all stories contributed by writers under the above titles, and content is protected by a Creative Commons License.

In October 2009, the Star Trek: Arcadia website was redesigned to incorporate Arcapedia directly, removing the title but not the content.

The following sections list Star Trek Expanded Universe articles with Arcapedia counterparts.

Star Trek: ArcadiaEdit

Star Trek: CadreEdit

See: Star Trek: Cadre at Arcapedia.

Star Trek: New EmpireEdit

See: Star Trek: New Empire at Arcapedia.

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