Aramaki was a Starfleet Tactical officer stationed aboard Earth Spacedock and then the USS Ragnarok in the early 25th century. He held the rank of Lieutenant. (Earth Spacedock, Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2410, Aramaki was working on Earth Spacedock and encountered a time-jumping Captain Aeris in Operations who, out of distress, ordered Aramaki to run laps around Spacedock. When he had completed twenty, Aeris, who had time-jumped again and not seen his progress, ordered him to continue with his laps. (Earth Spacedock: Page 11)

Later, Aramaki was aboard the Federation civilian transport Elysium when it was on its way to a funeral on Caldos III. He spoke with Captain Oroku Seifer about a murder case the Captain was investigating. (Page 22) After the ship was attacked and boarded by quickly-defeated pirates, Seifer and its crew witnessed, through a wormhole, G'arto Prime's star being absorbed by a black hole torpedo attack, fired by The Infamous. Aramaki took scans of The Infamous and his ship. Aramaki and Edward joined Seifer in a transport over to the Mogholegh with Menchez intending to travel to G'arto Prime to save as many people as they could. Unfortunately, on the way, the ship was hijacked and pushed into destruction by Ukoth, and Seifer, Aramaki and Edward beamed off and onto the IKS Furt'gh where they, instead, were forced to return to the Caldos III to take part in the funeral. During the funeral, Aramaki presented Seifer with processed scans of The Infamous, indicating The Infamous was from the future, and also showed the Captain pictures of Aramaki's niece. (Page 24-25)

Aramaki was next assigned as tactical officer aboard the USS Ragnarok where he assisted in preparing it for departure from Earth Spacedock. There, he was given orders, to Captain Seifer's dismay, not to allow the ship to leave until Ensigns Tomsin and Tomsin were on board. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Tabletop Beginnings")

At the crew's first staff meeting, Aramaki defended the usefulness of a round-table introduction exercise and admitted he was a student of anthropology when he read symbols on a Verathan sub-ossemite statue and was able to describe their cultural meanings. ("Department Heads")

When the Ragnarok was called upon to investigate a Deferi colony world, Aramaki joined Seifer and Moggs to the surface to investigate. He was present when they discovered ancient temples beneath the planet's surface. ("Neutrality for Beginners")

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