Aralak Animus Yagiyu was a Federation scientist and the husband of Aanima Yagiyu. (Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar)

He studied neurology, physics, medicine, biology and the myths of the Aztecs at Starfleet Academy. During his time at the Academy, Aralak would be involved in the creation of a student magazine. He would eventually end his involvement with the magazine due to a lack of serious journalism.

Like his father and grandfather before him, Aralak was a determinist.

During the 2nd Intergalactic War he found a way to beam through the atlantic deflector shield to ensure the resource supply of the areas protected by the shield.

Aralak met his wife, Aanima Yagiyu, at an amusement park. She then became a part of a scientific group led by Aralak, who became the group's leader following the death of the previous leader. Aralak would go on to invent brain manipulation technology, which would lead him to becoming a member of Majestic 12. Majestic 12 gave Aralak the code name "Gin".

After his daughter, Karala Yagiyu, was born he and his family moved to a rural area because he didn't like living in urban environments.

Yagiyu and his wife would eventually contract Jiternan Syndrome, which would ultimately lead to their deaths.


  • Aralak can see better with his right eye than his left eye. This started after he completed studying at the Starfleet Academy.
  • His middle name Animus is a reference to the psychoanalysis of Carl Gustav Jung.
  • There are hints that they were infected with Jiternan Syndrome by the mysterious cigarette smoking man.


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