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Angelica McKnight [a.k.a.- HRH Princess Angelica, Princess of Wales] ("Angie" to her friends) was the Communications Officer of the starship USS Lexington. (The Lexington Adventures)

Early life & careerEdit

Angelica was actually HRH Princess Angelica, Princess of Wales, which was next in line to the throne of the United Kingdom. She rarely talked about it and only revealed it when there was a need to do so. Her family had a large land holding in Great Hampden, outside High Wycombe, that had been part of the family collection of wealth for several centuries.

Angelica’s mother (HRH Elizabeth Ferguson, the Duchess of York) became Queen Elizabeth III in 2267 after her brother, King James III, died without siring any children.

Early CareerEdit

Angie was assigned to the USS Yorktown. In 2270, in the ship's final mission, it was ambushed by Romulan forces. Yorktown was virtually destroyed in the battle, leaving the Lieutenant McKnight to rally the survivors and head for home. Yorktown would be eventually rebuilt.

Angelica was reassigned to Starfleet Command, where her natural talents for her chosen duty were quickly recognized, being assigned as a section chief prior to her transfer to the U.S.S. Anniston.

Sometime during her tenure with the USS Excelsior project, Angie requested an assignment on the USS Lexington before any captain had been named. Unknown to her, her husband had been assigned to the ship at the same time as she received her orders. Fearing a conflict of interest, both officers requested that Starfleet look at letting married couples serve in command positions. To their surprise, Starfleet allowed them to stay together.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Angelica is married to Alexander McKnight. She has a half sister, HRH Princess Karena, Duchess of Cambridge and a step son, Montgomery McKnight.

Angelica's birth name is Angelica Renee Louise Mountbatten-Windsor and that name still shows on virtually all her legal documents (including her graduation certificate from Starfleet Academy). She changed it to Angelica Renee McKnight the day she married and uses this name on a daily basis.



  • Angelica's mom actually had an affair with a Romulan spy. The Romulan spy who became Angelica’s father was on an undercover spy mission during negotiations with Federation at an outpost near the Neutral Zone.
  • The genesis of Angelica being half-Romulan stems from Lt. Saavik in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Though mentioned only in a deleted scene and the movie’s novelization, Mr. Bonice felt Saavik should not be the only half-Romulan serving in Starfleet.

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